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Jamie Pocklington (1969 - 2016)

Jamie was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and attended the School of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating in 1992. He spent periods living in Athens, Georgia, San Francisco, and New York City, but lived most of his life in Richmond.


As an artist, Jamie was proficient in painting, sculpture, and mixed media. A meticulous craftsman in each medium, he often spent months working on a piece — and would discard it if it failed to meet his standards. His sculpture and mixed media used found objects: junk and scraps unwanted by others, combined and transformed by his imagination. Even his paintings were a form of found-object collage, starting with found images and ending with something entirely unique. Jamie looked at the ordinary, the mundane, the unwanted, and saw artistic potential.


As a person, Jamie was charming, funny, loyal, independent, and beloved by those close to him. He saw the world deeply and felt it deeply. His creative nature was very much a part of his personality, and it drew people to him. People respected his ideas and opinions; they wanted to be be part of his next idea or adventure. He influenced many, was admired by many, touched many lives for the better, and is deeply missed.

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